What is Sunny Isles Beach Florida

(Que es Sunny Isles Beach Florida)

Everybody wonders what is Sunny Isles Beach, it is considered the Riviera of Florida for a good reason, with stunning and luxurious condominium complexes aligned along five kilometers of white sandy beaches, it is easy to feel that you´re living la bonne vie during your stay, it also has a central location, minutes from Bal Harbour, at the south, and Aventura at the north and west.

About Sunny Isles Beach

About Sunny Isles Beach Florida.

If it comes to rest beside a pool in a luxury oceanfront cottage or sink your feet in the sand, Sunny Isles Beach offers, clean and uncrowdedrelaxing beaches, ideal for family holidays or a romantic escape.

Founded in 1997 as «The City of the Sun and the Sea», the Atlantic Ocean bathes its eastern shores and Intracoastal Waterway along the western coast, marked by a series of strips of residential islands bordering the southern perimeter of the city.

Sunny Isles Beach is an area of cultural diversity with stores lining Collins Avenue and the main street through town. Each year its population grows, a clear signal that this is a perfect place to live and visit.

The city has been ranked by several websites, as one of the top US destinations for tourists. It offers sunny days on the white sand beach or sizzling nights on the town.

The Visitor Center is located on 178th Street, next to the public library and at Pelican Community Park. Stop by for a city guide and insider tips by the friendly and efficient staff.

Beach, sun and sand…

For those not staying in an oceanfront hotel, there is a city parking lot behind Walgreens at 174th St., which is ideal for a day at the beach.

There is another comfortable beach with a municipal parking lot in Heritage Park at 193rd St. Cross Collins Avenue, with access roads to the beach every few blocks leading to the endless turquoise waters.


Outdoor activities


Newport Fishing Pier

Newport Fishing Pier (Newport Fishing Pier)

Take a stroll through the newly built Newport Fishing Pier, located in Sunny Isles Boulevard and Collins Avenue.

This historic site was originally built in 1982 and it was for a long time a popular destination among fishing enthusiasts and tourists. The original pier was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

The new pier is 236 meters, 186 upon the water, and 1077 square meters of usable space. It has an observation area for lifeguards, a restaurant and a fishing shop.

It is the only public fishing pier in Miami-Dade County and the only designated for fishing in Sunny Isles Beach, because it is not allowed to fish on the beach or in the Intracoastal Waterway from the land area.

Enjoy with the Family

Samson Oceanfront Part


When you visit Samson Oceanfront Park you’ll find a lovely green space with the sculpture of a family surrounded by a bed of flowers marking the entrance.

In this park of beautiful gardens, concerts and family activities are often held throughout the year. It has a playground for little ones, a shaded picnic area and public restrooms and soft drink vending.

Once you reach the beach, the park is located beside a lifeguard house, so you don’t have to go too far to find a sand space near the security.

Even better, there is a volleyball net near to improvise a match to receive the ball, place it and finish off. Of course, remember to bring your own volleyball ball.

Kayaking and marine ecosystem

Kayaking and marine ecosystem

To experience a bit of what makes the ecosystem of South Florida so unique, join in a kayak excursion during your day at the Blue Moon Outdoor Center, located just north of the parking lot inside the park where you can rent kayaks, canoe and paddleboard, both individually and in tandem.

The calm waters of this estuary are ideal for this kind of sport with rowing and meet all levels of activity.

Florida native mangroves are aline in the river bank and create a fresh atmosphere and shadow, as if it was a cave. They are the only trees resistant to salt water and its aerial roots filter the salt in a reverse osmosis process.

Note that each bunch of leaves has a yellow leaf. This is the «road of sacrifice» that receives all the salt. Mangroves are a protected species; They play an integral role in maintaining the coast of Florida against damage from erosion and hurricanes.

They also provide an essential habitat for nesting and feeding for practically all fishes and migratory young birds in Florida.

Take your time as you paddle and keep your eyes and ears alert to watch and listen to the surrounding nature. You may see small black crabs running along the mangrove roots or a wader, such as herons, egrets and ibis, or can hear the sounds of the fish when it jumps out of the water.

If you get to find or see a dolphin or a manatee, it will be an experience you will never forget.

Mountain biking

The Blue Moon Outdoor Center

The Blue Moon Outdoor Center is a unique destination for the population of mountain biking lover of Miami. The park has 24 kilometers of trails for beginners and expert’s difficulties, that is, for everyone.

At the entrance to the park, ask the ranger for a map of the trails and find the right path for you. You can choose from a variety of single-track trails (one-way), double tracks (in both directions) and paved trails.

There are even some courses designed for learning to ride, jump and do tricks with mountain bikes. If you need a bike, Blue Moon also rents mountain bikes; hardtail for experts and for beginners. Bicycles are also available for children. Feel the wind in your hair while touring the maze of twists and turns of the trails.


Hiking, picnicking, fishing and swimming

Haulover Park Marina.

The park is also an ideal place for a quiet walk through five kilometers of paved trails and dirt place. Enjoy the sun on your shoulders as you stroll along the water with the beautiful view of Biscayne Bay and the yachts docked at Haulover Park Marina.

Watch to see butterflies and migratory birds, including pelicans and blue herons, also, this is another opportunity to descry manatees and dolphins in their natural habitat. In addition to mangroves, you will walk among gumbo limbo trees native from South Florida and among colorful wildflowers such as purple bells.

Take a break in one of the many picnic tables that are lining in the nature trails or reserve a covered picnic pavilion for a large group. If you bring food, there are also grills available for use.

One of the hiking trails along the southwest corner of the peninsula leads to a beach park, which is ideal to cool off on a hot day. The water is calm and crystal clear. For the fisherman in the group, there is a small fishing pier in the south side of the beach, where you will have the opportunity to catch snook, snapper, mullet or even barracudas.  Just be sure to bring your own fishing supplies.



Gastronomy Sunny Isles Beach

Regarding to gastronomy this city has a lot of options. You can enjoy Chinese, Mexican, Cuban, Indian and American. It also has culinary tours, which lead to different restaurants in the city for reasonable price.


Lodging in Sunny Isles Beach

About community resorts and hotels, is the destination for travelers seeking the ultimate experience in South Florida. There are a variety of hotels, from luxury five-star hotel, with cheaper options where you can spend the night. This amazing tourist town offers its visitors the desire to return whenever you have the chance.

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