The Best Florists in Sunny Isles Beach

There are many florists in the United States that have quality flowers, but none can be compared to those that exist, the best florists in Sunny Isles Beach.Whether is a wedding , a birthday party ,or a engagement party , they have the freshest flowers of the market , excellent attention, products, and services that will seduce you to return for many more flowers. Flowers in sunny Isles Beach. Flower arrangements in sunny Isles Beach. Contemporary flowers in sunny Isles Beach. Lobby flowers in sunny Isles Beach. Wedding flowers in Sunny Isles Beach.




 Amazing Flowers Miami




Amazing Flowers is dedicated to floristry and flower design. It creates beautiful unique fresh contemporary and also  elegant floral arrangements, with beautiful tropical and Dutch flowers.

Their floral arrangments start from minimalist designs to artistic ones that are  filled with lush flowers arranged in perfect architectural structure.

This florist offers the best prices for your business or residence. It also offers flower arrangements for weddings,  parties and Christmas decorations, You can even make an appointment to make a completely free quote for your events.



Blake Roses – Sunny Isles Beach

The Best 2 Florists in Sunny Isles Beach


Blake Roses is full of Linda Goldman´s passion- a passion for flowers and florists that started 25 years ago.She is dedicated to designing exquisite floral arrangements for the Sunny Isles community

Born in Paris, France, Linda is a world-renowned florist artist who creates beautiful floral arrangements that will later become famous in Sunny Isles Beach.


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She is very careful with each one of the flowers and leaves that make up her floral arrangements. Perfection is Linda’s only standard. She takes people to a botanical garden of essences and well-being through her flower arrangements.

There is nothing better than a personal visit to her local. When you go to the Blake Roses studio  Linda’s unique creations will be on display. Silk floral arrangements and fresh flowers ranging from long-stemmed roses to delicate and colorful orchids.


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