The Polls Were Wrong Again, The GOP Wins Florida

 The Polls Were Wrong Again, The GOP Wins Florida

With the recount ending over the weekend, the 2018 midterm election in Florida is over and  the  Republicans  will occupy the three most prominent statewide positions, governor and both U.S. Senate seats, while Democrats have been left wondering why  they lost races polls had them favored to win.

the focus now  shifts to 2020.  Can the GOP maintain its momentum in the nation’s most important presidential swing state? Or Can Democrats regroup by building on some beneath-the-radar wins that could bear fruit two years from now?

Republican Ron DeSantis scored a win over Democrat Andrew Gillum for governor, and Republican and current governor of  Florida  Rick Scott flipped  an important  senate seat defeating three-term Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson  giving the republicans the majority in the U.S Senate  and resulting in  two crucial victories for President Donald Trump as he prepares for his re-election fight in a state he narrowly captured two years ago over Hillary Clinton.

But for Susan MacManus, a retired political science professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa “There are silver linings and warning signs for both parties” looking ahead to 2020″

For Democrats, the demographics of a more diverse and younger electorate are “working their way” in favor of a bluer state, she said.

Florida voters in the midterm election approved Amendment 4, a ballot initiative to let people with felony records vote after their sentences are completed, and if people with felony records could have voted in the state this year, Nelson would have had a very good chance of remaining in the Senate.

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But for Republicans, the just-completed midterm elections showed how their effective turnout strategy could work again two years from now, she said. The six counties with turnout above 70 percent – Baker, Collier, Franklin, Jefferson, St. Johns and Sumter – went for DeSantis over Gillum and Scott over Nelson.

Although the political landscape looks overcast for Sunshine State Democrats, the picture isn’t entirely bleak for them. And even though Republicans may have to work even harder for a Trump re-election in two years, they have the advantage of a solid structure in place and a candidate who Knows how ignite their base.

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