The Right Time to invest in Real Estate

GDP Tax Ctus

There`s absolutely no doubt that 2018  has been a great year economically speaking which mean new goods for President Donald Trump. It all began  with the tax cuts passed last year by the congress , industries are paying more to their employees,manufacturing  jobs coming back  and  the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, when it hit  its lowest level in nearly 49 years.

Fixing the economy was one of the promises of then candidate Donald Trump, and after almost two year in the  White house, he has fulfilled that promised. Right now  the economy  is over performing , and you can see that in the economic markers  that came out recently. The GDP grew 4.2 in the second quarter of the year, unemployment rate sat all time low,  The Stock market at all time high and  consumer confidence surged to near an 18-year high last month , as households remained upbeat on the labor market, pointing to strong consumer spending. That´s  great news for Americans all over the Country.

Congress is currently working on new legislation  that  if passed would make the recently tax cuts for individuals permanent and would expand tax-advantaged savings accounts, including for retirement and education.

so with all the good news coming out of Washington, we can´t help but wondering, what to do with all this  extra money?

Sunny Isles the best place to invest

Sunny Isles Beach is a paradise for investors , with all the city features that this beautiful city has to offer and  specially in this growing economy, developers have expressed their desire to continue  investing  heavily in  constructions, to make the city a heaven of real estate.

Recently a Condo in the new and exclusive  Muse tower in Sunny Isles Beach  was sold for $10.26 million.

To know more about Sunny Isles Beach , click here

The condo is so new that the size of the unit is not yet available. The developer recently started closings in the 68-unit project at 17141 Collins Ave. Units range from 2,360 to 5,800 square feet. The building rises 47 Levels on a beachfront site and it`s  tied with the tallest buildings of the city.

The Right Time to Invest in Real Estate
View of Muse Tower from the Sky





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